Our Passion

Skin Solutions Cosmeceuticals is dedicated to propagate knowledge on a “safe, real answer” to mouth and common health problems, as we take pride in bringing in the very best oral and personal hygiene products in the market today.

We give importance to responsible self-preservation and the intense familial bonds of Filipinos who care about our loved ones and their holistic well-being. We are driven to educate the market of the life-threatening complications and dangers arising from poor hygiene and/or products that only mask the symptoms and leave the causes untouched.

With Durafresh in the Philippines, there is now a natural, toxic-free, medical grade, safe & intelligent product the whole family can share. It works at the root of the problem – our mouths, the breeding ground of diseases – diabetes, heart ailments and more – that took lives of people we love. We put the culprits to the crosshairs without compromising the natural microflora of our mouths. If it’s bad bacteria, it’s dead! So if it’s mouth (or infectious condition) problems, we need DURAFRESH!

A Lifestyle Essential: is a way to Optimum Health.

Durafresh is an effective means to protect our overall health especially the young ones and the elderlies who are most vulnerable, the dearests. We intend to solve not just halitosis, plaque or gingivitis, we want to consequently extend lives with a product that is readily available, easy to use, painless, efficient and long lasting. By protecting our mouths, we stop a path of microbes from entering our bloodstreams, hearts and brains.

It all starts with a switch or an educated choice. Begin today.