Our Partners

Skin Solutions Cosmeceuticals has exclusive and strategic partnerships to some of the highly respected local and global companies and sought-after brands. This is part of our commitment in bringing in the very best oral and personal hygiene products in the market today.

Our Exclusive and Formidable Partner


Durafresh Global established in 1985 is a fast growing company based in San Francisco, California.


We develop and produce high quality products using high-tech innovations and breakthroughs to come up not only with the best oral health care products in the market today but personal hygiene and pet care products as well.


San Francisco, California
Lodi, California
Oahu, California
Chicago, Illinois


At the core of of the entire product processing is the time-honored value of Safety First. Through extensive research and product development, we have perfected the process for a stable, non-toxic and non-mutagenic CIO2 aqueous solution that helps eliminate a broad spectrum of harmful germs and bacteria that are responsible for modern day ailment.

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